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What is your morning attitude? Do you wake up already annoyed by the fact that you have to wake up, shower and go to work, or do you wake up angry because you could not sleep and now you have to start your day? Or you wake up depressed and upset with life because you don’t have what you truly want, the relationship, the body, the career, the house? Or you wake up thankful to be alive, looking forward to what the universe can offer in this new day? 

I used  to HATE waking up, every day I would wake up so frustrated because I wanted to sleep more, because I never considered myself as a morning person, because the person next to me move to much or because I had to go to work. I hated to think that I was close to creating a morning routine because that would make me “boring”, my morning attitude was extremely negative, and I want to ask you, what do you think was the outcome of my life every day? Well, from my standpoint I was always stressed and tired, I had...

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