Free Yourself by saying NO

CLARIFICATION: this blog post refers to the times where you could really say no to circumstances or people, but you said yes. I acknowledge that there are times were even though we say no, it doesn't matter. I honor those people who have gone through horrible experiences and my only hope is that through my posts to shed  some light for  your healing journey.

How many times have you feel guilty because you said NO? have you ever felt the need to say no to someone, but you couldn’t? right now, is there something that you really want to say no but you said yes already? I completely understand you … I know how it feels to want to say no but still say yes, and living the consequences of accepting things, people, jobs, relationships, behaviors and feelings that does not serve you, help you or align with who you are.

I want to share with you my experience of my own inability that I used to have to say no, I want you to not have to go through the things I experience...

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