Generational Mindfulness

Have you ever asked yourself why you prefer something over something else? Why you like a certain type of physical features than others? Why you have a hard time deciding more than others? Or why did you ended up in that horrible abusive relationship when you were really looking for love? ..... I HAVE, and for many years I believed that “it was what it was” didn’t think too much in the possible science behind my elections and preferences. I used to believe that I had no control over what I felt, thought or did but I wasn’t even aware of the fact that I thought I was a victim of life. What a real waste of life I would think, I and so for many years I did the unhealthy choices in all aspects of my life, health, emotional, relationships, work, and love.

TODAY, when I look back at what I was doing I have to say the following:

  • it was necessary for me to be here where I am today not only in for my own evolutionary process but for my own growing in this existence...
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