Trained to say yes, smile and shut up

In today’s society where we are fragmented and divided, where  everyone seeks to be right, to make the others wrong, where some say this is the oversensitive time and others say millennials can’t take criticism, where we might be over connected or creating communities of support-  its more challenging to define how do you feel about every event in the world. I hear the baby boomers and some older millennials (I was part of that club) criticizing other people’s feelings and level of sensitivity. When I began my own healing journey, I discovered that nothing qualifies me to call out, judge or criticize someone who express how they feel even if it is classify as “over sensitive”. You see, the problem that we are all ignoring is that we are all unique worlds with unique experiences, belief systems, emotions, thoughts and behaviors and when we start labeling expression of feelings as negative, we are only creating more of a vicious, destructive...

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