2019 - Blessings in disguise

Bye 2019… 2020 let’s do this!

 For the last 7 years it has been a tradition for me to write a nice “good Bye Year” post on facebook, but today I really want to write down how impressive 2019 has been in my life and my hope with this blog is to create awareness for whoever reads it….BLESSINGS COMES IN DISGUISE!

2019 was not easy or hard but it was a one of a kind, with challenging moments and amazing gifts! When I look back this year, I would not change one thing because everything that happened through 2019 has made me the person I am today, and I am extremely proud of who I am!  

Time is passing in front of us and if we don’t become aware of the greatness that life is, if we stay wrap up in the veils of the egos, trap in the external environment, trick into the illusion that we have no control of our time in this earth, we will not be able to continue our existence in this planet, as we are in danger of extinguish as a specie and I...

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