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On January of 2012 I became aware of what a panic attack is and how it feels. The night before leaving my home country to come to the US, I was so anxious and excited all at the same time that my thoughts spiral out of control, without even knowing I was experiencing an episode of panic attack, I had restless leg syndrome. I felt like I had to run and moved but I was tired as it was 2 am and just thinking about that got me more anxious. “why am I feeling like this, am I dying?” I was asking my mom, and she couldn’t pinpoint what was going on, so she called the paramedics. After a few questions they realized what was happening and explained it to me. I was so shocked… “this is truly a panic attack?” I kept asking because it felt like I was dying.

That day was the first time I became aware of how anxious I had become, everything was extremely exciting or extremely fearful, I was living in a constant state of stress. The second time I became very...

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