Trapped by your need for external validation?

When I started my “self-development” journey I realized that there was a lot of changes a had to do in my life in order to accomplish the kind of life I wanted it. It was a very vulnerable moment where I had to sit down with myself and become accountable for every choice I made up to that point. I started with huge changes like minimizing my alcohol consumption to almost nothing, allowing myself to have a glass of wine every so often. The change was more about the state of mind, recognizing that I was using alcohol as a major way to escape from my own choices and emotional traumas. I also decided to cut down massively my consumption of red meat and chicken and even though I still eat meat here and there, it was more about taking control of my choices. I had to evaluate my moral code, my standards and its was eye opening to develop awareness of the person I was becoming; I was constantly escaping from my responsibility of understanding my emotional traumas and working on...

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