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What is your morning attitude? Do you wake up already annoyed by the fact that you have to wake up, shower and go to work, or do you wake up angry because you could not sleep and now you have to start your day? Or you wake up depressed and upset with life because you don’t have what you truly want, the relationship, the body, the career, the house? Or you wake up thankful to be alive, looking forward to what the universe can offer in this new day? 

I used  to HATE waking up, every day I would wake up so frustrated because I wanted to sleep more, because I never considered myself as a morning person, because the person next to me move to much or because I had to go to work. I hated to think that I was close to creating a morning routine because that would make me “boring”, my morning attitude was extremely negative, and I want to ask you, what do you think was the outcome of my life every day? Well, from my standpoint I was always stressed and tired, I had to always get somewhere and so it wasn’t necessary so negative, but it wasn’t the life I really wanted. I was always blaming everything but myself and it was a vicious cycle.

One day I heard a navy seal speech in which he says “if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed” and this sounded so ridiculous to me that it actually made me curious and I actually start making my bed on a daily basis. This tiny little task actually changed the way I was viewing the morning, for some odd reason making my bed made feel happier about waking up every day and I could not understand why. This made me questioned myself because I mean let’s face it, I was only doing a simple task and it actually made me feel better in the mornings. It never felt like a routine as every day I found a different way to do my bed. It didn’t feel forced or negative because I was accomplishing something.

This 6-minute video and one tiny daily activity made me ask WHY? It made me want to understand myself and so I start reading and listening to small motivational videos that made me cry a lot, I was in the search of my why so I would consume anything that could give a clue. Why I was so angry, why I was so burden by the natural process of waking up, why I didn’t feel motivated to do small things or big things, why my only motivator was finding safety and security on a job, WHY?

After months and months of listening to this videos and audio books I remembered that back in college a professor made me take his class again as I had a poor attitude and before I took his class I had to read a book, emotional intelligence from Daniel Goleman and it finally clicked in my mind, I was feeling so out of control that’s why I was extremely angry. Everything would affect my state, my emotions, I was extremely moody because any external discomfort would make me feel hurt, I would take offense to comments that weren’t even personal, I was feeling totally out of control.  When you hand your emotions to others by reacting, you are actually, literally giving your power away… and I am pretty sure you have heard this before, but there is actual science behind this.

As you probably have heard before there is a myth that talks about how we only use 10% of our brain capacity, the reality of it is that we have almost infinite untapped potential,  as a specie we are built in the same way, you have the exact same amount of cells in your body than Bill Gates, and you also have the exact amount of time in a day. What differentiates you from Bill Gates its 2 things, the belief system that you both have and the actions that you both take. The belief system is what determines what lenses are you viewing the world with, and that belief system is created in your childhood. As Tony Robbins explains your belief system is extremely powerful. If you grew in a non-supportive environment more likely than not your belief system will not be very supportive. My belief system about life was that I had to be aggressive to obtain what I wanted, everyone else needed to validate me to have value, I was angry about my childhood so everything was view thought the lenses of anger, however one tiny change in my angry routine made me aware of that belief system. Here is the beauty, once aware I could do anything because the belief system is flexible. If you change your state of mind by changing the focus, your body will start receiving different orders, and you start to create new synaptic connections in the brain that allows you to have different results and a different belief system.

 “Neurons that fire together fire together” this is known as the Hebbs theory, the brain cannot recognize the difference between imagination and reality and if you start visualizing beautiful outcomes in your life you are actually firing those neurons together, meaning,  you are creating the neurological path to change. The only way to really accomplishing anything that you truly want, is by evaluating your life you far, write down what you have achieve and you have not, how you wake up, how you go to sleep, what you do in between, track your daily routines at least for a week, this will be eye opening. The value in creating a supportive routines is that by repeating the same task you are moving that task from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind, just like brushing your teeth or driving, and once is in your subconscious it becomes part of you, is who you are.

You know what doing my bed on a daily basis really did for me? It change how my neurons where firing together, it made me find the security and the safety in the certainty that I CONTROL MY LIFE, that I hold the ultimate power of choice and if I am the ONLY person that can control my life, I am actually responsible for healing unresolved traumas that would keep me stuck because I am ultimately responsible of my own outcomes. Yes, there are times where a lot of other factors are totally out of your control, but your state, your focus and your physiology are totally and utterly in your control. Don’t give away your power, don’t do the same mistakes I did, I waited 32 years to wake up, I had to invest a lot of money and time into understanding all of this. I can help you figure this process a lot faster as I have the experience, knowledge and skills require to take control of your life!




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