Legalized Drug Dealing - taking advantage of your generational trauma

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2020


It is so ironic that the same industry that we give our trust to is the one that exploits our generational trauma for profit. Profit that they use for massive advertising in order to keep the cycle going. Have you ever realized how many commercials you can see on TV in ONE commercial break of prescription drugs? I did it, I counted 4 commercials in 7-commercial cycle!!! How is it possible for them to advertise that much? Why as a society we seek the external chemicals to “fix” a symptom? How come doctors are not being vigilant in terms of addiction to prescription drugs? Why are doctors not treating the underline issue but just the symptoms? Why as a society we are ignoring the correlation between addiction and trauma? Why?

Last year I was seeking some counseling as I still had some unresolved generational trauma that was causing me to feel stuck and pretty unhappy. The first thing I did was the obvious, resort to my insurance as I knew counseling was cover. I found a doctor who I believed could help me. When I arrived at the consultation, I had to pay ONE TIME deductible fee of $200.00 and I was all set waiting for my turn. I went into a typical psychiatrist office, a desk with a computer, a mountain of files, a couch, and a chair where he would sit to listen. I told him that I was feeling trap due to do the past and that I was seeking to talk to a professional to figure out how to get out of that cycle, but I made clear I had no intentions to take prescription drugs, his answer? “sorry I can’t help you, I only prescribed medicine here. I will give you a referral to someone else that might be able to help you. Oh, by the way, just in case, here is a prescription for a low dose of Prozac” I was blown away !!!! not only I had just wasted $200.00 but he did the ONE thing that I told him I was not going to do. He didn’t ask if I had addiction problems, or if I was taking other medicine. He didn’t know if I was pregnant or not, he didn’t even care to find out WHY I was there, he just prescribed drugs!

As a life coach I find very intriguing the human psyche. I ask a lot of questions to my clients, I want to understand why they are seeking that goal, why they want to change that behavior, why they want to get out of that job, relationship, why they feel stuck, why they want to achieve that thing…. All these questions have one purpose – UNDERSTAND who they are, what they want and what traumas have affected them in the past. Every behavior comes from a belief, every belief comes from the meaning that your brain gives to an experience, and the meaning is produced by a biochemical reaction. Every biochemical reaction will trigger feelings, sensations and thoughts that at the same time will activated systems like the autonomic nervous systems. Our environment and the people around us are constantly influencing these processes. It is important to understand this because when you are watching a commercial that is suggesting depression according to certain symptoms and you have some of the symptoms, you will start to give a meaning to those warning signs, then you will create belief based on that meaning and that point you will start behaving as a depressed person (just like the commercial said).

The one thing that the pharmaceutical companies and some doctors what’s you to ignore is the basis of your own health problems because they need to be the saviors, the ones with the solution, the ones with the answer. The basis for the majority of our health issues comes from a generational and environmental standpoint. For example, I met the other a person who said that he was allergic to peanuts, and in the same conversation he said that it came from his mother’s side as she was allergic to peanuts too so they both carry EpiPen. The cost of 2 EpiPen are roughly $350.00. Research has proved that the origin of allergies is a hypersensitivity of the immune system. The immune system activates when your brain sends the signals of being possibly under an attack and your immune system tries to defend you. These signals are originated in your nervous system and the nervous system is activated by our sensory organs. At some point this person in his childhood saw his mother’s allergic reactions to the peanuts and he developed the same disease. This is what as a society we know as genetic disease, this takes away all the control from us and the pharmaceutical companies came up with a solution, however the reality is that the research has also shown that the source for the expression of health conditions is the environment, if you expose a child to a deeply disturbance experience that child will have an over reactive nervous system. That means that they will also have a hypersensitive immune system and so things like allergies or cancers will show up. The solution for an allergy is not an EpiPen, this will only temporarily safe your life, but you will depend on it for the rest pf your life.

The same issues happen with prescription drugs. After 9/11 borders where closed, the supply for drugs decreased and so the government came out with a statement that reported that the statistics for how much the drug consumption went down. The challenge was that they overlooked the other side of the problem – the DEMAND. The visits to the doctors and psychiatrists increased by 50%, people where going with issues like depression, suicidal thoughts, unresolved traumas among other issues. Here is the really ironic part in the Bush administration the Medicare prescription drug plan was passed. Also, there was more than 1.5 Million dollars that came in as donations from pharmaceutical companies allowing them to lobby in congress to protect their industry. As a consequence, the pharmaceutical industry realized 8 billion dollars increase in profit. So now we have an addicted society to pills that are prescribed by the doctors, we have people victims of medical illnesses that are not really medical conditions such as social anxiety, we have an engineer economy that targets whoever has fear and fear is a human condition, no wonder why they are so rich and powerful.

Here is what our governments are missing, our industries are ignoring, and what our society is discounting; they are engineering an unsustainable world. Suicide rates are extremely high, the addictions rates are immensely, the economies are revolving around the destruction of humanity, we have economies that tell us work all of our lives for money and then spend it all in buying health, and its ignoring the basis of our existence- everything starts with the creation of life, with our children and if we keep overexposing them to traumatic experiences we will continue a vicious cycle that will lead to total destruction of humanity.  As the second law of nature states as above as below, as below as above – whether is a human, animal or plant we all evolved the same way, if we are not growing we are dying, and as the third law of nature says, the universe is in motion, each action, word or thought we have induced a frequency in us, let’s wake up !! let’s start questioning the basis of our economies, let’s start  asking for accountability from our governments, industries and authorities. Let’s make humanity the priority and the center of our existence.

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