2019 - Blessings in disguise

Bye 2019… 2020 let’s do this!

 For the last 7 years it has been a tradition for me to write a nice “good Bye Year” post on facebook, but today I really want to write down how impressive 2019 has been in my life and my hope with this blog is to create awareness for whoever reads it….BLESSINGS COMES IN DISGUISE!

2019 was not easy or hard but it was a one of a kind, with challenging moments and amazing gifts! When I look back this year, I would not change one thing because everything that happened through 2019 has made me the person I am today, and I am extremely proud of who I am!  

Time is passing in front of us and if we don’t become aware of the greatness that life is, if we stay wrap up in the veils of the egos, trap in the external environment, trick into the illusion that we have no control of our time in this earth, we will not be able to continue our existence in this planet, as we are in danger of extinguish as a specie and I don’t meant it only environmentally, I also mean it as a specie that have abandoned our internal compass, that have trade the beauty of love for the extravagance of  superficial external validation. Call it whatever God, Universe, Creator, Great Force…. We were designed as perfect machines because we were created through the perfection of nature, the fusion of the exactness of feminine and masculine energy, we are the product of love, and we need to go back to that inner field to remember the astonishing power that we have.

May 25th, 2019, 11:08 am my father passed away, me and my husband could not stay longer in Colombia we had to come back to work… our boarding passes said - May 25th, 2019 11:08 gate 26. We were in Colombia for a week, because we knew that the inevitable was coming and we wanted to be there for him, for  our family, for each other but it wasn’t lining up, I had responsibilities in my home town, my mind – that logical side that tries to always find compelling reasoning for our behavior, my left brain was finding rational reasons as to why I had to go… but my heart, that side of us that we forget so much, that side that doesn’t understand logic or rationality but feels, feels so deep, was telling me to stay. We were in the airport waiting to board and as we were doing the line to go into the plane a received the call – my father had passed. It is not a coincidence that my boarding time and his death certificate has the exact same time. This day had a great lesson for me that I will never forget… I can’t control everything but when I surrender to my faith, to that Great Force of the Universe, Life will give me amazing gifts! I wasn’t supposed to see him die but I was supposed to be there for him, and my family and the universe gifted me with the exact time.

This is a moment that I want to remember the rest of my life… because it truly changed me. I learnt through this experience the beautiful cycle of life, the magnificent view of the present moment, that day still have its effect on me. I wanted to share this with you because what we can see as a tragedy, as the worst moments of our lives will always contain a blessing, you might not see it at the moment, months or years later but every experience in front of us have a gift for us. To be honest in 2015 I was ignorant enough to say I had my mind set on not going back home if my father passed… I spent almost 4 years believing this as my truth, I used to say it with conviction, as it was a done thing and I am so fortunate to have the people around me who supported me  and who made me absolutely forget about that ignorant belief that I made in 2015. I say that to say this, you have no idea what life have in store for you, don’t think that because ponder on a little piece of the puzzle, you have everything figure out, don’t let your left brain get in the way in moments where you truly need to listen to your heart.

 May 25th 2019 changed me, I came back to my home town to realize how I was wasting a precious finite commodity – TIME – and I was wasting it because life comes in cycles and cycles have a beginning and an end, don’t let the illusion of being comfortable in cycle to keep you from what you want to do in your life.

You can make MILLIONS, BILLIONS, TRILLIONS,  but cannot make more TIME and when you understand as I did, in a visceral level that your time is limited, your time is worth mountains of gold you will stop, look inside, reflect and take control of WHO YOU ARE! Do more of what make you feel alive, not even happy but alive!

Look at your loved ones and the ones that you don’t like that much look at the people you admire, and learn from observation, you can save a lot of time, this life should not be about how much money we can save but how much time we can save and invest. Bill Gates said that if could have a superpower it would be the ability to read more books- in other words more time.

What I take from 2019? Life will always gift you with blessings, Time is precious finite commodity that we all need to learn how to invest and reflect how we are investing it or wasting it. Do more of what makes you feel alive. You can’t control everything, but you can surrender to the faith of the universe and you will be rewarded. And the biggest one, you can control only one thing…. YOU – who you are, what you believe, what you like and love, what you disapprove, how much love you give to yourself and others – when you start working on you, on your Inner World, you will  tapped into your full potential and you will lift the veil of the ego, of the character and you will realize that you are a soul having a human experience.




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